Daniel’s Story

Click above to hear Daniel’s Story. These are Daniel’s own words. (Video may take up to 30 seconds to load, depending on the speed of your computer).

Written and presented by Daniel Diodato, 17-year-old client of CARING for Children, at the Genesis Alliance Mother’s Day Luncheon.

Children are God’s gift to mankind … innocent, energetic, and youthful. Yet, sadly, that is not the case for most kids – taken away from the only thing they have ever known and trusted – their family.

It is a sad day when the very fiber of our life is met with such tragedy and betrayal, yet it happened to me and to countless other children in Buncombe County. I was one of those kids – abused, abandoned, and left.

I have, over the years, put the pieces of my life back together and made a better life for myself with the help of a selfless organization – CARING for Children has always welcomed me with open arms as if they were my biological family. CARING for Children has given many children a second chance to start their lives over, as well as a place they can call home even at my age.

I have grown up around these people who made it possible for me to speak to you today. They have fought to get me a better education, a better life, and they helped me pave the way to my success when others would have turned me away. I consider the people at CARING for Children my family because they have been there for me.

Thanks to CARING for Children, I have taken control of my life and am on course to graduate on the 9th of next month. After the summer, I am going to be attending A-B Tech where I hope to obtain my degree in psychology and business. All of this was made possible thanks to CARING for Children and my persistence to be the first in my family to graduate from high school and go to college.